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“I have hated words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right.”

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Offensive things aren’t offensive merely because they hurt feelings - they’re offensive because they contribute to the societal harm of marginalized groups. The end goal isn’t to get everyone to love each other, it’s to destroy power imbalances.

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White people: terrorists? From the Middle East? All brown people no exceptions.
White people: Jesus Christ? From the Middle East? White. Obviously.

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The fact that Coachella would choose ‘native aesthetics’ to co-opt and reproduce for the amusement of a largely white audience right on the doorstep of the Cabazon Indian Reservation just shows how little they consider NDN’s anything more than fiction or exotic history for the consumption of 20-something hipsters. 


"I just really like to draw disney princesses"

*forgets tiana but includes rapunzel merida elsa scrappy doo and a honda civic*