getting there

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"I have galaxies hidden between my bones and I will love you until the stars burn out."

I feel as if i’m so complex in the most negatively unromantic way possible. I scare myself sometimes. All these years of terrible things that have happened have buried themselves underneath each other and they lay burrowed — hidden in all my corners. I admit that there is an abundance that I haven’t told anyone, not even my closest friends or family. It’s just too much, I can hardly comprehend it myself so it’s not too likely that others will as well. I’m scared of scaring people away, if i say something, I feel like they would just wonder how a single girl can have so many issues.


can we skip this whole “college” thing and go straight and go to the part where i have a really awesome job and spend all my time traveling?

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remember when u were like 11 and the only thing u wanted was a lava lamp

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i’m not strong because it’s not like i have any other choice but to keep going.

i get really happy when it’s not me who starts the conversation because that removes so much anxiety about whether i’m bothering the person or if they secretly hate me even if i know that’s not true 

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